Studio 7

Studio is an omnichannel cloud-based platform to deploy IVAs and self-service applications.

This is the Studio 7 user guide.

What's New

This table lists the changes made in previous releases of this document:




SEP 2023

Release Studio 7.1.12



Access the Studio IVA from the Engagement Workflow IVR for voice calls.

Five9 Studio Behind Engagement Workflow


Generative AI Web Service Node

Generative AI

AUG 2023

Release Studio 7.1.11



Release Studio 7.1.10


JUL 2023

Release Studio



Updated rate limits for API calls

Studio API Resource Guide


Studio Credit Allocations

Studio Credit Allocations

JUN 2023

Release Studio 7.1.8



New accordion for service providers

Service Providers

APR 2023

Release Studio 7.1.5



Release Studio 7.1.4



New topic

Studio Roles and Permissions


Corrected the description for Synchronous Flow



Corrected text for Advanced ASR Settings, Speech Complete Timeout and Single Utterance

Cloud STT, Form

MAR 2023

Release Studio 7.1.3



Languages supported by built-in open form types



Release Studio



Corrections to examples using the dateFns prefix

JavaScript date-fns with Studio