Studio 7

Studio is an omnichannel cloud-based platform to deploy IVAs and self-service applications.

This is the Studio 7 user guide.

What's New

This table lists the changes made in previous releases of this document:




MAR 2023

Release Studio 7.1.3



Languages supported by built-in open form types



Release Studio



Corrections to examples using the dateFns prefix

JavaScript date-fns with Studio

FEB 2023

Differences between Studio 6 and Studio 7

Introducing Studio 7


Release Studio 7.1.1



Use the Five9 WFA node to connect directly to Five9 Work Flow Automation.

Five9 Work Flow Automation


Built-in Open Form Types



Languages and their codes supported by each ASR

Supported Language Codes


String functions

Expression Builder


Open Forms with Google Cloud Dialogflow CX documentation improvements, specifically to retrieving the agent name, test query parameters, and grant Studio access to Dialogflow Virtual Agents.

Open Forms with Google Cloud Dialogflow CX


Authenticate with the REST API documentation improvements

Authentication Profiles


JAN 2023

New Studio Home and title pages

Studio Home


How to integrate digital IVA in Studio with VCC

Integrate Digital IVA in Studio with VCC


JSON format for rich media in the Conversation Node


Rich Media Advanced


Newly documented System and Payment variables

System Variables

Payment Variables

Oct 2022

Expansion of the Studio Manage section

Studio Manage


Further clarifications to advanced ASR settings

Form, Cloud STT, Custom Forms


Removal of the Studio Reference


Sep 2022








XSIP Variables

XSIP Variables

Visual Form Node

Visual Form

Create an open form type to use with the Text Form node and IBM Watson.

Open Forms with IBM Watson

Clarifications to advanced ASR settings

Form, Cloud STT, Custom Forms

New confirmation tab where caller can confirm input

Form, Cloud STT, Open Forms with IBM Watson

Integration node log details

System Log Events

JavaScript content items


Authentication profiles in the integration node support variables


Aug 2022

System Log documentation updates including System Log Events

System Log

Biometrics updates, including data for the number of times the biometrics node was used in a time period


Virtual Agent Usage