Link Task

Use the link task node to route the call flow to another task within the account.

For example, use the link task node to build a large call flow from a series of smaller connected call flows.


Give the node a name.

Goto Task

Select from the list of tasks.

Usage Guidelines

  • When the call flow is completed in the child task, the flow returns to the parent task to the node following the link task node.

  • If the value of a variable changes, the new value is retained throughout the remainder of the call flow, through to linked child tasks and returning to parent tasks.

  • If the call flow naturally progresses to a hangup node in a child task, the call completes. The call flow does not return to the parent task.

  • The maximum depth is six tasks. Once the maximum depth is reached, the call flow returns to the task's direct parent.

  • A link task node cannot be linked to a parent task in the call flow as that would cause an infinite loop.

  • In the Expression Builder JSON functions, Integration node responses are only available in the same task as the integration. They are not available in linked tasks.

  • If you are troubleshooting a call flow, see the System Log for tips.